I haven’t written in a while, but this week feels very significant in the spirit to me.

I believe the Body of Christ is crossing a critical threshold this week, from 9/22 through 9/29.

I have been feeling deeply in my spirit that something very transitional is upon us. It’s a knowing, an inherent understanding, an awareness of the times and seasons we are stepping into as a *family* of believers.

This week is ushering in fresh fire and boldness to pursue kingdom vision. There is new wine, new power, and new freedom available to confidently step into the unknown by faith.

In 2007, the Lord told me, “A flood is coming on September 22nd.” Every year for twelve years, I have wondered if “this” is the year. Then in 2012, the Lord told me, “Build Me an A.R.K. … If you build it, they will come.” For seven years, I have waited to start building.

Finally … it’s time to press forward with passion and intention. The floodgates began to open in 2018. Now, in 2019, the flood is here, the time is now, the building has begun.

Regarding the threshold we are crossing this week:

Last Sunday was 9/22, and it rained like crazy in Kansas City where we live. That evening, at 6:14pm (Genesis 6:14), I began building an A.R.K. … an Abundance of Resources for the Kingdom.

The Lord not only asks/invites/directs us to BUILD for His Glory, He also tells us exactly HOW to build, according to HIS plan and vision (Genesis 6:15).

Then on Monday 9/23, the season officially changed … from Summer to Fall. It truly is a new season. Out with the old, in with the new!

Based on some news I received from a friend in L.A. who is visiting K.C. this week (9/25-9/27), I believe the Lord is releasing prophetic messengers (with breaker anointings) over a three day period to open the floodgates, shift the atmosphere, and deliver His message to certain people and key regions.

This week culminates on 9/29 with Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. At sunset on Sunday, we will welcome Year 5780. From Chuck Pierce, “We are approaching a new year, a new decade, and a new era in history. 5780 begins the Hebraic decade of Pey! Pey is linked with calling back what the winds have scattered in other seasons. It is also linked with a declaration of our mouth for freedom.”

God is meeting us with His PRESENCE as we BUILD for His Glory!

The year 2020 will be a year of VISION and HOPE for God’s people!

The year 5780 begins a new season of using our MOUTHS to release FREEDOM in the areas where the enemy has held us captive!

Say YES in your heart. Put your hands to it by FAITH. You WILL see the breakthrough.

Dream BIG. Pray BIGGER.


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