Oh Beloved, this post is the fruit of my morning prayer time, and my response to the unction of the Lord. A SHIFT is happening even as I write this! I feel a supernatural release of the old and a freedom to move forward into the new. The WINDS OF CHANGE are indeed blowing. The refreshing of the Lord is upon us. He is making a way where there seems to be no way.

Over the next two to three weeks, there will be a radical movement into the NEW. June will bring JUSTICE and JUBILATION at a whole new level. The worries, fears, and concerns of the past will be washed away by the FUN and FREEDOM of the present! The “present” I am referring to is the moment we are in with God, but it is also the GIFT He is giving us in this new season. Get excited! The Creator of all things good and glorious is a GIVER who delights in giving GOOD GIFTS to His children!

We are SHIFTing into a NEW SEASON, Beloved, and this morning I feel a swirl of EXCITEMENT in and around my heart. The time of mourning has come to an end. The struggles of the past few months are over. You have done well, faithful servant. Fix your eyes on the King of Glory, and watch Him come in like a flood to set His captives free!!!


OpportUNITY is knocking in this transition. I see doors opening that lead to other doors opening, and I see this continuing to infinity. In other words, the opportunities are limitless right now. Connections are being made which will lead to new connections, which will lead to more new connections, etc. The Lord is placing the reins in the hands of those who are willing and ready. He is inviting us to partner with Him by walking through these open doors with EXPECTATION and ANTICIPATION, believing that He is waiting for us on the other side. Fear, doubt, and unbelief have kept people from MOVING FORWARD into the NEW, but no more! Not in this season! A fresh wave of BOLDNESS, COURAGE, STRENGTH, and FAITH is being released to enable His soldiers to engage with tenacity and perseverance.

I see (in the spirit) people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. They are rising up and stepping into destiny. They are saying, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” They are READY FOR CHANGE … and NOW IS THE TIME, Beloved. Now is the time for change.

A new opportUNITY for UNITY is also upon us. These open doors will usher in UNITY, but not in the typical religious sense of the word. Synergy is happening in the Body of Christ, even now. God is moving OUTSIDE of the religious box, OUTSIDE of the four walls of the church. He is reminding His people to BE the church and not just GO to church. He is saying that revival IS happening, but it is happening in the highways and the byways, in the marketplace and on the mountains. Revival is happening in the human heart, one by precious one, as people are AWAKENED to their gifts and callings. As the children of God step fully into purpose and destiny, REVIVAL will change an entire generation of dead and lifeless souls. “Revival” is no longer about tent meetings and “falling out” in the Spirit. It is about a sincere revelation of the human heart coming to life and changing the world … all it takes is JUST ONE SPARK. We are ALL created and called to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in this life. Again … now is the time for change.



I see the Lord moving people into POLE POSITION. By definition, pole position is “the most favorable position at the start of an automobile race, typically on the inside of the front row of competitor; a leading or dominant position.” Oh Beloved, did you catch that?! You are being POSITIONED for VICTORY!!! The Lord wants to encourage your heart today! You are in line for divine favor! It is time to rev the engine and prepare to race. “Rev” means to accelerate, increase, make livelier or more productive. You can’t WIN the race if you are not IN the race!!! Ask the Lord which race He is inviting you to participate in, then SHIFT FORWARD into the VICTORY LANE. Get ready, get ready, get ready … the BEST is yet to come!!!


The Lord has a NEW GEAR for you this month. Many people have been stuck in one gear for far too long, and the Lord is moving you SUPERNATURALLY forward to a new level of speed. It’s RACE time, baby! Your victory depends on your ability to SHIFT! Sometimes you shift into a HIGHER gear, and sometimes you shift into a LOWER gear. Knowing WHEN TO SHIFT is the key. When challenges present themselves – curves and other cars, for example – we need to know how to slow it down or speed it up to navigate the changing landscape. The key in every scenario is to SHIFT. Beloved, this is that … it is time to shift. Are you ready? Are you willing? Are you able? God’s FLOW is on the GO! He is never stagnant or stale. He is always moving. Yes, we need to know when to take a pit stop and care for the vessel He has given us. But the goal is to get back on the track and cross the finish line!

If I can encourage you with anything today, it is this … Racing is FUN! It is not always easy or peaceful – in fact, it can be chaotic and frightening at times – but it provides an opportUNITY for us to get to know this WILD GOD we serve in a more intimate way.

Rev your engine and get ready to put the pedal to the metal. FORWARD is the name of His game! SHIFT!!!