There is fire in my bones tonight as I write this. All day today, I have carried a prophetic burden for someone that is indescribable. This happens from time to time with the prophetic gifting. More often than not, I get no release until I SAY whatever it is God wants me to say. I recently recommitted myself to speak His words as He leads, without fear or doubt stopping the flow of His Spirit. So often, we block the blessings of God in our own lives or in someone else’s life because we will not SAY what He asks us to SAY. Tonight, I am angry about that. I know how it feels to have His words of empowerment, encouragement, and love locked up inside of me for someone. Then it always feels like a fountain bursting and gushing forth when I finally release them. God LONGS to reveal Himself to His children … through His children! The Creator of all things seen and unseen has some things to SAY. He wants to VERBALIZE His heart and thoughts towards us. After all, didn’t He reveal Himself through Jesus, the WORD made flesh?!? He IS the Word. In the very beginning, He SPOKE, and there was light. I could seriously go on for days right now because it is burning inside of me to make sure you know this. We have to let Him use us … without any fear of man or what people will think about us in the process. We have to let Him use us. Period.

On that same note, I feel impressed to remind you that He is real. GOD. He is real.

Just stop and think about that. Deeply. The reality of God.

Look around. Watch your children dancing and playing. Stare into the starry night sky. Listen to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore or a whip-poor-will calling in the distance. Be still and feel your own heart beat. Consider the sheer miracle that is required to keep you alive on a second-by-second basis … all of the systems and functions in your body that have to cooperate in tandem so you can read this right now. Crazy. That’s the only word that comes to mind. And real. Absolutely, unquestionably reflective of the reality of a loving and personal God.

Why am I starting this post this way? Because we need this. He is showing me that if you are reading this, you need this message. You need the reminder. You need the insight and encouragement. You need to hear Him speak to you right now. Listen, Beloved. He is speaking.

God whispers. He doesn’t shout or give obnoxious commands. He whispers. His voice is quiet, calm, and still. He speaks directly to our hearts –  clearly, in truth, and without any  fear or anxiety. If the voice you are hearing is fearful or anxious, it is not God’s voice. God is NEVER afraid or anxious. He is the Prince of Peace, Jehovah Shalom, Yahweh. I have heard it said that Yahweh sounds like an inhale and an exhale, the very breath of life, a gentle wind flowing in and through us as we call on Him. His very name is a whisper.

Lastly – and then I will move on to the specific word for October – God wants to remind us right now (and throughout this month) that He is SUPERnatural. There is so much more to Him than any of us can know or imagine. If He has created you with a wild imagination – and He has – then imagine like crazy the biggest, most amazing, wonder-working Being in the universe … and then realize that your finite brain has not come close to the reality of His magnificence. We simply cannot encompass His magnitude or grandeur. Yet, He longs to be close to us, to know us, to love us, and to be loved by us. This is the awesome, mind-blowing Creator God we are blessed to honor with our lives.

I have a very specific word for some people:  STOP BOXING HIM IN!!!! You were raised in a religious home or a stuffy church that did not allow you to fully be yourself, much less appreciate you for who you are. Instead, they did not know what to do with your crazy gifts and radical calling, so they labelled you A.D.D. or A.D.H.D. and slapped some prescription(s) on you, hoping you would “calm down” and “be normal.” AAAGGGHHHH!!! I feel the Lord’s heartache and displeasure over this for you, Darling. He has never left your side. When you cried, He cried. When you sang, He sang. When you danced, He danced. When you had to suppress your gifts and suffer depression as a result of not being FREE to walk in your calling/purpose/anointing, He mourned that loss with you. You have never been alone, dear one. Never. Not ever. Not even for one nanosecond.

God is good, and He is big. Let Him be big in every way – spirit, soul, and body. Amen.


Now for the October word – or should I say ROCKtober word? :) Today is only the 3rd day of the month, and I am already feeling a “ROCK ON!” in everything I say and do. For several days, I have been sensing a rock-and-roll vibe all around me. I keep seeing (with my spiritual eyes) myself – and others – rocking out on electric guitars, wearing leather pants, with big teased 80’s hair and a classic rock t-shirt, throwing our “horns” (the universal rock-and-roll hand gesture) in the air with pride and confidence, saying “ROCK ON!” There is a fierceness about this in my vision. There is a tenacity and fearlessness about it. There is an “I’m gonna ROCK whether you like it or not” attitude about it that makes me want to shout! It makes me want to rock and roll … all night … and party every day (name that tune?)

I realize that when I start blending “secular” and “holy,” the religious folks get a little out of sorts. I can see ’em wiggling in their pews right now. But one thing I know for certain this month is that the old way of doing things won’t work any more. God wants a RELATIONSHIP with us. I really don’t think He cares which denomination or religious organization you belong to. He wants your HEART!!! How many people are sitting in churches every Sunday who have never truly known the Living and Loving God?? And how many people are living on the streets – never gracing the door of an organized “institution” – yet their hearts are ripe, ready, hungry, and filled with the power and presence of Christ?

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” – James 1:27

It is interesting that the verse above does not mention which church you should attend or how often you attend it. And before you send me hate mail about church bashing, please know that I love the Church (capital “C”). I love the greater Body of believers in the earth who gathers to worship, pray, and edify one another. In fact, I am passionate about pursuing that in my own life and encourage others to do the same. But it is very important that we remember the Church is a Body, not a building.


I feel so fortunate when God places someone in my path to teach me something about who He is and what He is doing. I love it when He confirms His plans and purposes through another one of His beloved children. That happened to me recently. I was reminded of the power of HERE and NOW by two tattoos on a new friend’s arms … AQUÍ on one arm and AHORA on the other … HERE and NOW. Friends, too often we live in the past … or even in the future. We spend too much time regretting what we did or didn’t do “back then” and not enough time thinking and/or talking about how to be present right HERE, right NOW. The other paralyzing way we remain stagnant in life is to focus too much on the future. We consider all of the things that could happen or should happen … or worse, we “what if” ourselves into mental oblivion and never experience true light and joy in the current moment, regardless of the circumstances. I implore you this month to be present. Soak life in. Maximize your moments. Focus on what you know and stop worrying about what you don’t. Meditate on the positive things in your life. Count your blessings. Have an attitude of gratitude. These are all ways we can remain HERE and enjoy NOW. God is an ever-PRESENT God. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. And He is still PRESENT in the HERE and NOW with us, every moment of every day. Breathe. Feel His Wind. Bask in His glory. Surrender to His whisper. Life is good. Make it count.

No Excuses

ROCKtober is also a great time to start living the life you are called and chosen to live – with a greater sense of purpose and awakening. It’s time to ROCK down to Electric Avenue … and then we’ll take it higher! (Another song reference … I think in lyrics pretty consistently). What are some things you want to do, but you have been too lazy or insecure to do? What are the gifts and desires God is stirring inside of you that you have made up 1,001 excuses about why you shouldn’t just go for it?  … excuses like “now is not the time” or “people would think I am crazy” or “I don’t have the money.” Honey, if it’s God’s will, it’s God’s bill. He makes a way where there seems to be no way. More importantly, you will never reach your full potential in life laying low and flying under the radar! I am so tired of watching people squander their destinies in absolute monotony and boredom because they are afraid to take chances and try new things. You will not be on this earth forever. Time is limited. Make a bucket list and start knocking some things off of it! You want to learn a new instrument because music is your passion? Well, what’s stopping you? You want to get fit and eat healthy? It’s up to you! You want to run a marathon, take a trip around the world, swim with the dolphins, enroll in a class, climb Mount Everest, be in a movie, have a few more children, dance naked in the rain, shave your head, get a tattoo … the list is endless … just do it! Stop being afraid! No more excuses!!! You are not guaranteed tomorrow. Live your life accordingly. And along the way … serve God and love people well. Really well. I promise you will die with joy in your heart and a life lived with no regrets when you determine to kick excuses to the curb. Start now.


I encourage you to set some goals this month and knock ’em out … like a TKO in the first round. Stop playing with your destiny. Use what God (and your mama) gave you! ROCK this month! Some of my personal goals this month are to increase my knowledge of the Spanish language, run a half marathon (the L.A. ROCKnROLL Half Marathon at the end of ROCKtober), begin classes for a Plant Based Nutrition Certificate, and shop for a new keyboard (my fingers are itching to tickle the ivories again). Life is short, it is to be enjoyed and appreciated, and it is also to be conquered in every way – spirit, soul, and body. ROCKtober is a great time to TURN UP THE VOLUME! Get to steppin’. :)

One way you can kick this month off right is to join us for the LIFETRITION online Boot Camp:

“ROCKtober Purposefest”