The Cambridge Dictionary defines “Game On!” as a phrase used to show that a competition of some kind is about to start, usually when you are excited about it.

Competition is written into the human DNA. A healthy sense of competition can push us forward with momentum into tremendous victory.

Oh Beloved, this is a month to not only GET IN THE GAME but to PLAY WITH PASSION AND CONVICTION. This is a month to DREAM BIG, PRAY BIGGER, AND BELIEVE GOD. This is a month to put your hands to the plow, create something magnificent, and build something beautiful.

There is GRACE TO RACE in October. There is a supernatural grace from heaven being released over projects, opportunities, businesses, and endeavors that will bring forth completion, prosperity, and success. GAME ON, BABY! It’s time!



This morning, the Lord prompted me with the word ROCKtober. Then, as I began to write this post, I remembered that I titled a previous post “ROCKtober.” I found it on my blog (10/3/2014) and believe it is “right on time” for this month. I feel the breath of God on it. I pray it blesses and encourages you. Let’s go ROCK this month! GAME ON!

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