Are you ready for refreshing? SPRING IS COMING!

Definition of March …

to walk in a military manner with a regular measured tread;

an act or instance of marching.

It never fails. Whenever I make a decision to write these posts, the timing is impeccable. There is typically a wild swirl around the monthly blog posts that is undeniably God. So here is what just happened …

After a full day, followed by a trip to vote, I decided to drive to Mom’s house to write the March post. I knew no one would be home, and I would have a little quiet time to focus. First, I walked in and set the alarm off (oopsie). Then I could not remember the alarm code (which is strange because I have never forgotten before). Apparently Holy Spirit plucked the code out of my mind just long enough for a deputy to be dispatched (my apologies to the taxpayers). Suddenly, the code came to mind, I silenced the alarm, and I sat down to write. As soon as I sat down, the doorbell rang. I was expecting a visit from law enforcement, but I was NOT expecting the conversation that would follow.

I opened the door and was greeted by Warren. After a brief explanation concerning the alarm, he seemed satisfied to leave in peace, and we parted ways. I returned to my laptop and began to write. The doorbell rang a second time. Warren again. This time, he asked for my drivers’ license (for protocol purposes). He disappeared for a few minutes then returned to give me my license. He proceeded to ask me if I was in town to vote (which I am). Then he told me he remembered me from the voting precinct during the last major election. He told me I left my drivers’ license there, and he found it (that was four years ago!) He mailed my license to me soon thereafter, but I never received it. In fact, I could not remember where I left it, and I had to get a new one. Warren and I chatted for a few minutes and once again parted ways. I returned to my laptop to write.

As soon as I sat down, the doorbell rang a third time. Warren. This time, I am paying attention. He hands me his business card and tells me to contact him if I need anything, then we say goodbye.

Never do I take lightly occurrences such as these when I am writing the monthly blog post. Now that you know the back story, here is how it confirms the word for March …


In 2012, a major marker of your identity was lost. You “left” a piece of yourself somewhere, and you really had no idea how significant it was. You may not have missed it that much because it was easy to find a replacement, but the Lord is showing me that He assigned a WARRING (Warren) angel to you at that time. This angel’s assignment was to reconnect with you at the sound of the alarm and remind you that you are seen, known, and NOT forgotten.

Beloved, you walked away from an assignment in 2012. The grace of God covered you. You were not out of His will. You needed the break. You had to be recalibrated, prepared, and equipped. You were being made ready for PHASE TWO. You were gaining wisdom, knowledge, fortitude, and clarity regarding your passion and purpose. You were restocking your ammo and being healed of your wounds. You were being strengthened and made whole in new ways. Beloved, the past four years have been very intentional, and the assignment in front of you is the GRADUATION into your Promised Land. This is the result of your studious pursuit of heaven and your faithful obedience to Your Father. No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has in store for you in this new season, Beloved, simply because you love Him (1 Corinthians 2:9).

Beginning today, the first day of March, the Lord is sending His WARRING angel to your door – three times – as confirmation of His sovereignty and His triune presence in your life. Today, you are being reminded of that piece of your identity, Beloved. The Lord of heaven’s armies has chosen THIS DAY to encourage you to MARCH ON. The vision, the mission, and the mandate are being released this month. The energy and the zeal for the work ahead are being imparted. The partnerships and connections are being strengthened. The way has been made. Now is the time to MARCH ON to a NEW THING.

new thing


A close friend, Pastor and Evangelist Keith Adamson, sent me a timely audio message today that encouraged my heart about this month and this season. I believe this is a corporate word. Please listen below:


As in the image above, I believe the former things have passed away, and God is pointing us toward a NEW THING. I believe the best is yet to come. I believe the old, stale RELIGION ROAD is behind us, and I believe we are SPRINGING FORTH this month. God is making a way in March. Watch Him .. and REJOICE.





Today is Super Tuesday, the day the residents of 14 states and territories cast their ballots for who they think should become the Republican or Democratic nominee for President of the United States of America. This election has a vibe to it that I cannot remember experiencing in the past. There is a HOPE (the word the Lord gave me for 2016) swirling around this election. This time, it is an authentic HOPE in America, a genuine HOPE for the UNITED States.

As I was walking in to vote this afternoon, I noticed a little boy wearing a Superman shirt, and it caught my eye. Holy Spirit swiftly spoke to my heart, “I am raising up My SUPERman on this Super Tuesday. I call this man SUPER. He has not yet stepped into the fullness of his calling, but in a matter of minutes, it will seem as though he walked into a phone booth as Clark Kent and walked out as Superman. His identity will be revealed for all to see. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will respond with joy. Others will respond in agony and distress. This is the natural response to My SUPERnatural ways. Watch and behold My Superman. He will care for the orphans and the widows. He will consider the poor and oppressed. I have placed My fire within him, and he will burn for Me. ‘MY SUPERMAN,’ says the Lord, ‘will soar on wings like eagles and fight for the greater good.’ Watch and behold on this Tuesday. You will see who carries My name.”

Politics and religion are not mutually exclusive. Jesus Christ is the God of the universe, and He is also a reigning King. That is all I will say about that … for now.

” … there is a God in heaven who reveals secrets.”


On February 28th (2/28), the Lord put Daniel 2:28 before me, “There is a God in heaven who reveals secrets.” Other versions use the word “mysteries.” At the same time, the Lord brought George Washington Carver to mind. Carver has been one of my favorite people for years. I admire the intersection of intellect and faith that was so evident in his life’s work. Carver was a man who walked with God and was privy to His secrets. As a result, he changed the world through industry and innovation. On 2/28, as I meditated on Daniel 2:28, the Lord showed me that He is inviting His people to seek Him for His secrets during the month of March. Oh Beloved … if we would only ASK!!!

We only tell our secrets to our closest friends. I believe God is inviting us to a deeper place of friendship this month. I believe He wants us to know His secrets, His mysteries. I believe He is ready and willing to rock the world with some life-changing, nation-shaking, history-making intel. I believe He wants to share wisdom, knowledge, truth, and understanding about people, places, and things that will cause us to rise above the status quo and stand out in the midst of earthly giants. I believe the Creator of all that is seen and unseen is ready to RELEASE information that will cause His name to be magnified as never before in history. Beloved … if we would only ASK.

A few more unctions, as usual:

  • March is a time to inquire of heaven. It is a time to buckle up and buckle down. Buckle UP because it will be a wild ride. Buckle DOWN because focus is required to ride this wave with success.
  • Pay attention to March Madness this year (basketball), in particular to the “SWEET 16” games that will be played on March 24th and March 25th. If you remember the word I shared about the Super Bowl, the Lord promised to speak about LOVE during the game. At halftime, the words BELIEVE IN LOVE were blasted to the world from the fans in the stands. Friends, God loves to speak through sports, and especially through major events like national title games. This time, it will be through BASKETBALL. Watch the “SWEET ’16” games to receive a message about this “SWEET ’16” year. 2016 is a LEAP year and a JUBILEE year, filled with great faith and expectation. In February, I mentioned the alignment of FIVE KEY PLAYERS who would be part of your winning team in this new season. There are five players on a basketball team. Get ready, sports fans. Coach Jesus is leading you to VICTORY!!! “Put me in, Coach! I’m ready to play!”
  • From the meadow to the rodeo … You will know if this word is for you if you are transitioning from a place of reclining beneath the shade tree to a place of leaping on the mountains. There is a bit of discomfort when a radical shift in seasons occurs, but there is also grace to endure and sustain. Prayers and peace for all who are entering the rodeo right now. Prior to the Super Bowl, the Lord gave me a word about the Panthers and the Broncos, instructing me that this new season will be FAST and ROUGH. Beloved, this is that. As I told a friend today, “Buckle up, Buttercup.” :)
  • Dates to note: March FORTH on March 4th and SPRING FORWARD on March 20th. Pay attention as well to March 17th.

Prayers for peace this month as the Lord reveals His secrets to you and ushers you into a time of MOMENTUM for His glory. Blessssss you.