I had a dream recently that impacted me greatly. In the past ten days, the Lord has prompted me to share the dream with several people. If you are reading this post, I believe it is for you, too.

In the dream, I walked downstairs into the basement of the home where we lived. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, a man was standing there waiting for me. He was a black man who reminded me of the Will Smith character in the movie Bagger Vance. He was very kind, and he had tremendous peace and authority on him. I knew he was the Holy Spirit, and I knew the basement represented the depths of the soul. I should have been frightened to see a strange man in my basement, but I was instantly at ease. He looked at me and said, “I am here to throw some pitches in your batting cage.” In the dream, I intuitively understood his request and led him around the corner to an area of the basement that had a batting cage in it. I remember thinking to myself, “Why do we have a batting cage in our basement?” Yet, it seemed normal, and I knew this man was trustworthy. In fact, I sensed he was a VERY good pitcher. I sensed he had been a pitcher for a LONG time, and I knew in the dream that he had the AUTHORITY to throw pitches in our batting cage.

When I woke up and began to pray about the interpretation and meaning of the dream, the Lord spoke very clearly to me. I also had another encounter with the Lord that evening – a vision – in which I received even more clarity.

God Himself – the Holy Spirit – is throwing some pitches to His people right now. The basement represents the deep places of the soul that only God (and those closest to us) can see. As I sought to understand the meaning of the batting cage, I initially wondered why He was wanting to pitch in the “batting cage” rather than from a “pitcher’s mound.” I quickly became aware that this was all about the BATTER, not the pitcher. Beloved, you and I are the batters. God is the Pitcher.

The Lord also reminded me that He is VERY good at pitching. He knows exactly what to throw our way, He knows exactly how fast to throw it, and He knows how to launch it right into the sweet spot of the batter’s box. Whether we swing at His pitches or not is entirely up to us, but He showed me that if/when we swing at HIS pitches, we CANNOT miss … and we will hit a home run EVERY TIME.

Beloved, God is throwing some pitches to His people right now. The ONLY way you can strike out is if you DO NOT SWING at what He throws you. The Lord spoke to me in the vision I had later that day, “Jodi, your swing is your yes.”

Let that sink in. Consider the implications. God is a PERFECT pitcher. He NEVER throws a bad pitch. So if HE is pitching some opportunities into your strike zone, you would be wise to SWING AWAY! A home run awaits you! You will SCORE, Beloved! The ONLY way you can fail or miss out in this season is if you stand and stare at the pitches without swinging. The ONLY way you can strike out is if you DO NOTHING. 

In the vision, the Lord showed me the size of the baseball He was pitching, and it was HUGE. Beloved, it is impossible to miss if you will only swing. YOUR SWING IS YOUR YES!

What is the Lord pitching your way? Perhaps it is a little frightening. Perhaps it involves major shifts, changes, or relocation. That is OKAY. Trust Him … trust His pitching … trust His ways and His timing … and SWING AWAY. Say YES! You do not need to have all the details or pieces in place before you swing. Your swing represents your activated faith and your willingness to trust God.

Lastly, in the vision/encounter I saw the batter swing at the pitch (the giant baseball), then I saw the ball turn into a feather the size of an 8×11 piece of paper and float into the sky. As it floated back down and reached eye level, it turned into a large concrete block and fell heavily to the ground. In that moment, the Lord told me to “stay elevated.” Whatever it is you say YES to must remain elevated in His presence. If you keep it on HIS level and continue to give it to Him, it will be as light as a feather, but if you allow it to come down to YOUR level – getting your eyes off of HIM and onto the circumstances surrounding your YES – it will become so heavy that you cannot carry it.

Stay elevated. Stay in faith. Keep your eyes on Him. Cast your cares on Him. His yoke is easy, and His burden is light.



The Lord has been speaking to me about November for the past week, and I continue to see it as KNOWvember. This month will be a month of KNOWING.

Be still.

And know.

Be still and know that He is God. Be still and know that He is good. Be still, Beloved.

This will be a month that requires very little effort in order to KNOW what God is saying and doing. Just be still, Beloved. You will know. You will know HIM. You will know the answers. You will know the timing. You will know the way.

The song I am listening to as I write this post is saying, “There’s a rescue coming. Let faith arise.” Oh Beloved, it is GOOD. HE is GOOD!

Be intentional about being still this month. Listen to learn. And learn to listen. God will speak. He will comfort. He will answer. Just be still. There’s a rescue coming, Beloved.


The same week I had the dream about the batting cage, I also had a dream with “11:6” in it. When I woke up, I knew this was Hebrews 11:6, and I also knew it was November 6th. Pay attention on November 6th. Clarity will come on that day.

Beloved, stay in faith … and SWING AWAY in KNOWvember. I am praying for you!