This morning, in prayer and worship, the Lord invaded my quiet time and gave me a very clear picture of America.

I immediately saw a large red heart over the HEART-land, specifically over Kansas City, MO. Then I saw color begin to radiate out from the heart, fading from red to orange to yellow to a barely noticeable green to blue to purple. I inherently knew the red indicated warmth, the presence of God saturating the land. In Kansas City, the International House of Prayer has been consistently and faithfully praying and worshiping for 20 years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Lord showed me this is truly the HEART-beat of the HEART-land.

In the vision, as the colors moved out from the red heart toward the coast, the warmth began to dissipate. As I prayed, I became aware that the orange areas were filled with seekers who have the right heart but were not yet on fire. The yellow represented areas that were filled with light and truth, but there was some mixture. The green indicated life, but the color was faint and the areas were so few and far between that they were not very visible. Then there was blue. The blue was a bright blue, bright enough to get my attention in a strong but clear way. I was reminded of the weather map when a blizzard is present. I knew this blue indicated the COLD areas of our nation. In fact, I heard the word “FRIGID,” one step beyond cold, and I knew these were the areas that most needed my prayer. Although I saw a few pockets of red scattered throughout the nation, I was most drawn to the blue areas. This was a call to prayer.

The coastal regions of our nation are being highlighted to me right now, as well as our borders. Many of these areas were blue, but there were also a few places that were purple. The purple* represented the “911” areas of urgency.

Our coastlands need prayer, as do our borders, in particular the following cities, states, and regions:


On the West Coast:

Portland, Oregon

Seattle, Washington

The Southern portion of California (everything West of Las Vegas)*


Along the Southern border:

The Mexi-Cali border

El Paso, Texas

Laredo, Texas

Houston, Texas

The state of Louisiana

Miami, Florida


On the East Coast:

New York (especially New York City)*

New Jersey

Charleston, South Carolina


The Northern border:

Primarily the entire Great Lake region


Pray for America, as we enter into a new season of Presidential candidacy. Pray for the FIRE of God to overwhelm our nation. Pray for the Father HEART of God to radiate throughout the land.

Jesus, You are worthy of our affection and attention in America. Forgive our sins and heal our land. Amen.