July was interesting to say the least. I have not missed a month of prophetic blogging since I launched this web site in 2012, but I did not post anything in July. At the end of June, the Lord began to speak to me about July. He said, “RADICAL OBEDIENCE in July.” I sat down to write a few different times throughout the month, but I never felt the release from the Lord to actually put words on the screen. I wondered if I would have peace to share what was on my heart in July as I normally do each month. Then yesterday, something amazing happened. Through a simple act of radical obedience, I watched the Lord open the heavens in a supernatural way. As I contemplated the impact of obedience on our lives and on the kingdom of God, I became keenly aware of the fact that NOT WRITING in July was also an act of obedience. Remember, on the seventh day, God rested. Throughout Scripture, the number seven represents rest and completion. July is the seventh month. As I rested from writing, a fresh perspective was revealed. New doors opened. And my focus shifted forward in a powerful way. I trust and believe the same has happened for you.


One of my favorite movies is August Rush, a story about the inevitability of destiny. Last evening, the Lord specifically spoke those words to me … AUGUST … RUSH. Beloved, the winds of change are here. The times and seasons are shifting. Old things have passed away … Behold! ALL THINGS are becoming new! I am hearing the Israel Houghton song, “It’s a New Season” in my spirit as I type this. That is the song for the hour. It even mentions Jubilee, which is the Biblical season/year we are in right now … every seven sevens … every 49 years … God promises a year of RESToration. This is that, Beloved. The time is now.

The Spirit of God is coming like a RUSHING RIVER in August! He is RUSHING to meet us! He is RUSHING to greet us! He is RUSHING to enjoy us! I see the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit literally RUNNING toward us with open arms and elated hearts! Glory to God in the highest! He delights in the love of His children!!!

One of my favorite quotes from the move August Rush follows:

“What do you want to be in the world? I mean the whole world. What do you want to be?”


The longing of the human heart is to be found – to be known, to be understood, and to be loved.

Beloved, this is why we need Him.


We had an amazing day at church yesterday. God is on the move in many mighty ways. His presence is tangible, His heart is toward us, and His plans are GOOD! During the ministry time at the end of the service, I saw the word UNITE in the spirit. Then I saw the Lord reverse the “IT” in UNITE, creating the word “UNTIE.” Beloved the Lord is UNTYING the thing that has bound you and turning IT into a force that UNITES. He spoke to me, “I am going to UNTIE you so I can UNITE you.”

Wow. It still wrecks me when I consider the goodness and faithfulness of God. He delights in delivering us. He longs to make us free. He sees our pain. He knows our struggles. And He waits … until the perfect time … and in His perfect way … He releases us … UNTIES us … and UNITES us. He REVERSES the curse and turns IT into a blessing. Oh Beloved, How glorious is He?!?


Bob Sorge has written a book titled Pain, Perplexity, and Promotion – a study in the book of Job. Many of you have experienced some pain and perplexity this year. The Lord sent me to tell you, “WELL DONE!” Your promotion is on the way!!! Our Father in heaven honors the humble. You have been humbled by your circumstances. You have been humbled by your difficulties. You have been humbled by your hurt. And NOW you can be trusted with honor and elevation. Beloved, NOW is the time for your promotion.

I woke up from a dream a few months ago with four words in my spirit … COMMUNICATION, COMMUNITY, HUMILITY, and ELEVATION. Over the months, I have watched God orchestrate all four of those components in my own life, even in the midst of some intense pain and perplexity. His ways are HIGHER, Beloved! His thoughts are GREATER! We cannot understand the infinite wisdom of our Creator, but as we walk with Him hand-in-hand, step-by-step, we will see the fruit of our obedience. God is not looking for PERFECTION … He is looking for AFFECTION. Oh, how He welcomes our leaning. Oh, how He desires our attention. Oh, how He longs for intimacy with His Bride. This is who we are, Beloved. We are dark, but we are lovely. He calls us beautiful, even in our weakness. His grace is sufficient, and His power is perfected through our absolute dependence on Him.


Our pastor’s daughter shared a testimony of healing yesterday that spoke volumes. This may be graphic, but it is a word picture of what God is doing in our lives right now. In her story, she described a cyst on her son’s shoulder that had to be lanced. When the doctor (whose name was “Jobe”) created the opening in the cyst for the infection to drain, what came out was disgusting and foul. It was unclean. It was impure. And it was toxic to the system. But the incision (which was very painful) was also the place that released the PRESSURE. Beloved, you have had some infection in your body, soul, and/or spirit that has caused pain. It has become unhealthy and gotten into your bloodstream. It has bound you to a level of pain that seemed unbearable. And “Doctor Jobe” wants you to know that He understands your suffering. He is aware of your discomfort. He sees your “infection,” and He is releasing the pressure, even as we speak. July ended with an incision, Beloved. The seventh month brought some things UP and OUT. The nasty stuff is oozing, the wound is being cleaned, and the healing can FINALLY begin.

As the story was shared at church yesterday, a phrase stuck with me that I have been meditating on. After the doctor lanced the cyst, he instructed the patient to “keep it clean.” In other words, now there was an open wound that needed care. It was no longer infected, but it was exposed and raw. Without the proper attention, it could easily become worse than it was before it was lanced. Beloved, the Lord has delivered you from the nagging pain of that infection. Now it is your job to “keep it clean.” Do the work. Stay focused on Him. Lean into His comfort and ask for His help. Obey His word and follow His lead. Whatever you do, keep moving FORWARD and do NOT look back. The best is yet to come!!!


There is an anthem playing in my spirit as I close out this post … clear here to listen … the lyrics are a declaration and invitation from the Lord for such a time as this … “WAKE UP, CHILD, IT’S YOUR TIME TO SHINE, YOU WERE BORN FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!”

Let’s arise as a family of God, UNITED AND IGNITED, for such a time as this. Regardless of your age, regardless of your past, regardless of how the enemy has attacked you and stolen from you … determine to DO something different and EXPECT God to meet you in this season.

Your destiny will shape history, Beloved. Settle for nothing less, in Jesus’ Name! And GET READY GET READY GET READY for the AUGUST RUSH!!!!

August Rush

Final unction:

8/28 will be a day of REDEMPTION.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” – Romans 8:28