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As I sat down to write this post, my Mother walked into the room singing, “Knock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s dooooooor.” Lol! I love my life. My beautiful Mother is a prophetic singer (although she doesn’t know it). The most “random” songs pop in her head throughout the day, and she inevitably lets them flow through her angelic vocal chords for any and all to hear – at home, at the grocery store, in restaurants, etc. She sings the heart of God everywhere she goes, without even knowing she is doing it. And when she does, I pay attention. It never fails, there is a message in there somewhere. Today is no exception. Beloved, we are knocking on heaven’s door in 2016. And it will be so so sweet. Are you ready for “Sweet ’16?”

The Lord (as usual) took me on an interesting journey to prepare for this annual prophetic word. This time, it was through album covers, lyrics, instruments, and prophetic coffee mugs. Track with me. This will all make sense soon enough.

The two album covers above spoke volumes to me in an unexpected way as I crossed over into this new year. The first album, “Hope” by Tobu, is an instrumental picture of the energy and vibe I believe the Lord is releasing over us this year. It is energetic and “forward”-moving, filled with zeal and enthusiasm. The cover has the word HOPE in the clouds along with an airplane and hot air balloon. Blue skies lie ahead in 2016! HOPE is in the air! You will FLOAT and FLY with the Lord this year, and it will be BEAUTIFUL. Expect great views and a smooth flight. He will carry you on eagles’ wings. This is the year to SHIFT your perspective from the ground to the air. You will see through HIS eyes this year. You will be the co-pilot, but you are learning how to fly this baby on your own so pay close attention to the Pilot and all that He is teaching you. 2016 is all about HOPE.

The second album above is “The Best Is Yet To Come” by The Cowboy Poets. The title speaks for itself. The image of a chrysalis is beautiful to me for this new season. The Lord has spoken to me quite a bit over the years about the miraculous transformation that occurs inside a chrysalis as a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. The best is yet to come in 2016. This new year will make you forget about all of the heartache of 2015. And the BEST will occur in stark contrast to the airplane and hot air balloon images above. The BEST of 2016 will manifest in and from the secret place, where supernatural transformation happens in the sight of God alone. Something is transpiring in 2016 that will release and reveal your wings. You cannot fly without your wings, and you cannot obtain your wings without the secret place. Selah.

Home, Hope, Health, Hustle and Grind

<< HOME >>

God is still calling His soldiers home. This was a big part of the word I shared for 2015, and I feel it even more strongly for 2016. The Lord is drawing people closer to the ones they love. Home is indeed where the heart is. Where is your heart, Beloved? Are your heart and body in the same location? If not, what would it take to unite them? I see some people living much closer to their families in 2016. This is not a whim of God’s heart. It is very VERY strategic. Only the Lord can see the bigger picture of His plan for our lives. We see in part and know in part. He will give us just enough light for the step we are on. It is up to us to trust and obey.

You may not move back to your hometown, but I know without a doubt there will be major moves and shifts which cause the Lord’s key players to be strategically positioned. These moves and shifts are connected to what God is doing regarding FAMILY this year – spiritual family, biological family, and marital family. This is very important for 2016. I cannot stress this enough. He will speak in tremendous detail about this to any and all who ask and are willing to follow His lead. Trust Him. There is great purpose in this transition.

A word for someone: You need to be near your family. You need to have access to them. You will never regret this decision. It is a key component in your destiny and inheritance. (Whew. I feel that.) Thank You, Lord. Let it be so according to Your will.

<< HOPE >>

Much of the HOPE we experience this year will be directly related to HOME and FAMILY. Love is the deepest and greatest desire of the human heart. The closer you get to those you love, the more HOPE you will experience. God is doing a MASSIVE RESTORATION in hearts and families this year. Do not underestimate this. It is MASSIVE. This is something the Lord is specifically and supernaturally orchestrating during this Year of Jubilee. If you are unfamiliar with the significance of Jubilee, I encourage you to do some research on your own and become aware of the importance of this holy year on the Biblical calendar. Not only does this year promise restoration, freedom, and reconciliation, but it also predicts much of what is happening on the Lord’s timeline as it relates to the return of Christ. This post is not intended to teach on Jubilee, but I cannot stress the weight of this in my spirit. It is a critical year in many ways. Be informed and prayerful about the times and seasons of the Lord.

When I released the annual word for 2015, I felt home and family were on God’s heart. I sensed He was positioning people to prosper in their spheres of influence and in the geographic regions where they will receive their familial inheritance. This year, I feel it even stronger. Family is on the heart of God, and there is an amazing grace this year to be united and ignited with those who share our DNA. Please note … there is a GRACE on this reconciliation and restoration. It will require intention and effort, but it will be much easier than you could imagine. Position yourself for the radical blessings that will flow from this divine desire of the heart of God.

Also, regarding HOPE, some people feel they have missed the boat, so-to-speak. I see depression settling over people who have worried or feared their time has expired. They feel they have missed their “prime” in life and believe the lie that there is nothing for which to look forward. The Lord wants me to encourage some hearts in 2016 with this phrase: “REDEEMING THE TIME.” He spoke to me, “I am redeeming the time in 2016.” When the Creator of Time chooses to redeem it, that is His prerogative. Beloved, nothing is wasted in the kingdom of God. Whatever has happened to this point will only equip and prepare you for the latter rain He has promised. The latter years of your life will be even greater than your former years as you walk with Him.

<< HEALTH >>

I see people breaking through in the area of health in 2016 – spirit, soul, and body. The three are interconnected and interdependent. As the spirit is made whole, the soul (mind, will, and emotions) becomes well. As a result, the physical body is healed and reNEWed. 2016 will be a year of renewed, restored, and vibrant health for many people. This will begin with an ACTION on the part of those who believe and receive this word. Physical fitness, strength, stamina, and endurance are important for where God is taking you.

A good friend (and former football player) said to me recently, “When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you play good.” Playing good on the football field translates to doing good in life. Look good. Feel good. Do good. You will never regret loving and caring for the temple of God, which is your earthly body.


Without a doubt, 2016 will be busy. This will be a time of hard work and determination that we have not seen in recent years. 2016 will bring great reward as we hustle and grind our way to success. This success is actually a promotion in the heavenlies that will cause advancement in the earthly realm. The work that is done this year will be done out of JOY and PURPOSE rather than misery and frustration. 2016 will produce great fruit as we work with our hearts and hands towards the goals God has set before us.

The Lord is showing me right now, there are people who will turn their noses up at this word. They will remain in their stagnant, stale “jobs” and miss the divine positioning of the Lord because they do not believe work can be enjoyable, purposeful, and satisfying. There is a spirit of doubt and disbelief operating in their lives, preventing them from growing and moving forward with the Lord. I want to speak to anyone reading this who resonates with this word of knowledge: God will never force you to change. You can continue to grumble and complain about your current circumstances or you can DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. It is up to you. You have ONE LIFE to live. You can CHOOSE to live it by faith and discover the JOY of a purpose-filled walk with God or you can remain miserable. I see the Lord extending His hand to you now, inviting you UP and OUT. His heart has always been with you, Beloved. He is just waiting for you to take His hand.

Hustle and grind in 2016 and watch God honor and bless the work you do for His glory. Give it all you’ve got. Go all in. Work hard and expect to be blessed. This is His promise for you this year, Beloved. Get ready, get ready, get ready. The best is yet to come.

“Sweet ’16”

I feel the sweet presence of the Lord even as I type those words, “Sweet ’16.” A very dear friend left me a message on New Year’s Eve telling me she had a word for me. I appreciate encouraging words from close friends in my life who know me and pray for me. She said 2016 would be a “Sweet 16” year. She said this would be a year the Lord restored some sweet dreams and desires. This resonates so deeply with me, and I know it is for you also. Some things were stolen from you when you were 16 years old. You may or may not remember what they were. Remembering is not what is important. Understanding the innocence of those dreams and desires before Satan got in the way is what the Lord is highlighting. There will be some SWEET SWEET restoration in 2016. That word is not to be taken lightly. This year will be SWEET. Aaaaahhhhh! My spirit rejoices just thinking about it! I can’t wait!!!


Cumulatively, 2016 is a year of turnaround. The enemy is obligated to return what he has stolen. Failure will TURNAROUND to success! Debt will TURNAROUND to prosperity! Bondage will TURNAROUND to freedom! Depression will TURNAROUND to hope! Isolation will TURNAROUND to community! This year will bring turnaround that leads to purpose and fulfillment. That which was broken will be made whole. That which was lost will now be found. Oh, Beloved! Only believe!!!

A word of caution: Do not presuppose you know how God will cause this to come to pass. Do not make the mistake of moving in a direction that makes sense to your natural mind. And do not hold too tightly to people, places, or things that He may want you to let go of completely. God alone knows what is BEST for you. And if the BEST is yet to come, we need to let go and let Him have His way.

2016 will be an amazing year of BLISSings and BLESSings. I pray you enjoy it as much as I plan to, in Jesus’ Name! Trust the process, Beloved. It’s ALL good! :)



A few other unctions for 2016:

  • I see people stepping out of the box they have been in, trying new things, even in the face of fear. I see people saying YES to opportunities that challenge and stretch them. I see the stagnant, stale religious spirit breaking off of people. I see these people moving in freedom through relationship with God, putting their hands to the plow, and walking through open doors they never imagined they would walk through. I see this being a year of mind-blowing joy through the BLISSings of God that will flow into the lives of faith-filled believers.
  • I see the Arts and Entertainment Industry opening up for BELIEVERS who have had a dream buried in their hearts for many years (some, for a lifetime). God placed that dream inside of you, Beloved. That gnawing in your soul is there for a reason. The Creator of all things creative is awakening His sleepers in this industry and sending them forth with power and anointing to set the captives free. I see His truth, beauty, freedom, and love being released through images, sounds, writing, acting, painting, sculpting, performing, etc. I hear the Lord saying,“Now is the time for the GIFTS to arise. Now is the time. GIFTS, ARISE!!!” [The Lord is speaking to a TEACHING GIFT in someone right now. He is saying, “TEACHING GIFT, ARISE!!!] When the Lord speaks directly to something within us, activating and commanding it to awaken and arise, it WILL awaken and arise. Everything in heaven and earth responds to the commands of the Creator. EXPECT your gifts to obey His voice in 2016. As a result, your faith will increase, and you will move into your destiny with new boldness and zeal. Those who are already in the industry will experience a greater measure of favor and anointing as they work. I see the word “ACT-IVATION.” As you ACT, the Lord will promote you. For some, this is literal ACTING in media/film/television/etc. and for others it refers to ACTION as in following Him in obedience.
  • 1/11 – January 11, 2016 will be a time of transition. I have known for months that this day will cause a shift that ushers people into a new reality. Pray into that and expect things to be moving in a different direction as of 1/12.
  • Just for fun (although I share this with clarity and sobriety), the Lord told me, “Kings will have Queens in 2016.” You will know if this word is for you. :)


Below are some prophetic pictures I have taken in the past few days. I pray they speak to you in a special way. Cheers to a FULL YEAR of HOPE and TURNAROUND! All for His glory! Amen. #sweet16